Thoughts on Software

Hi, my name is Gordon Cassie.

I am a corporate lawyer turned software developer. In 2013, I founded Closing Folders with a friend from law school. Our mission was to make software to run complex legal transactions. We were roundly rejected by VC firms but we slowly built up the business organically with revenues and ultimately sold it to iManage in the summer of 2020. Today, I continue to head up technical direction of Closing Folders under the umbrella of iManage.

Over the last 10 years, I went from zero experience in software development to being kind of obsessed with it. My largest body of work has been building Closing Folders core product with python, Django, Pants build tool, celery, a ton of AWS services, terraform, Javascript, and Ember.js. Some smaller projects include building an S3 compatible proxy to Azure Blob storage with streaming encryption using nginx, openresty and lua, training a convolutional neural network to identify signature pages in documents using Keras, architecting a highly concurrent PDF page to image conversion pipeline using Lambda and DynamoDB and building a mini datawarehouse with Athena, S3 and QuickSight. I've also had the pleasure of navigating the world of law firm IT security and all the amazing audits that accompany it. Recently, I've been learning C and Alloy.

I live in Victoria, BC with my wife and three kids. In my spare time I like to garden and play piano. I've seen every episode of Frasier at least 5 times and have a similar obsession with Fred Astaire movies.

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